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Tuition (including registration) for the 2022-2023 program is $30,000. Tuition includes room and board (three meals a day), as well as all Yeshiva-sponsored tiyulim (field trips) and seminars. Tuition also includes high speed internet access which is available to all students in their apartments. Tuition does not include personal expenses, such as cellphone, laundry (laundry equipment is available in the dormitories as well as pick up/drop off laundry service which is charged by the kilo), mandatory medical insurance coverage – among other things. It also does not include non-covered PCR testing for travel, serology tests or any other Covid 19 related expense that is not covered by medical insurance. 


The Yeshiva is especially sensitive to the daunting financial costs involved in both high school and gap year programs. As such we have a scholarship awards program funded in by American Friends of Yeshivat Migdal HaTorah. Migdal is proud to have never turned away a student due to financial concerns. If a student is the right fit for Migdal, we are committed to working out a financial solution for that student.


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