Migdal's Method

“The purpose of study is the conquest of content and new ideas”

- Rabbi Joesph B. Soloveitchik

What exactly does it mean to “learn” Gemara? Is it translating into English what is written on the page? Is it discussing arguments made thousands of years ago about matters that may seem inapplicable and irrelevant? What is the big deal about Gemara?

To pull back the curtain and peer into the minds of the great Abaya or Rava, Rambam or Ramban, Rashi and Tosafot, or any of the other countless great Sages of Torah, is an experience unlike any other. You join with the rebbe in plumbing the depths of wisdom, crafting new concepts and approaches, appreciating the Torah as never before.

At Migdal, we apply a method of learning that goes beyond anything superficial. Rather than sit in a class and be lectured on what the text says, you become part of a process of creativity and imagination, applying your mind to uncovering the conceptual foundation of the very Torah itself. 

Here at Migdal, you will learn how to think, how to truly learn Gemara, and, you will leave the Yeshiva with the tools needed for lifelong independent study in all areas of Torah.

12 Nahal Paran (Lower Level), Modi'in, Israel | 740 Crestwood Place, West Hempstead, NY

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