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Yeshivat Migdal HaTorah's educational approach is rooted in both offering an intellectually challenging and inspiring Torah curriculum alongside promoting individual achievement and excellence, all in a thought-provoking Modern Orthodox environment. 

Whether it is the unique analytical approach to Gemara, wide ranging discussions in Philosophy and Contemporary Halacha, novel classes such as Socratic Logic and Creation & the Thirty-Nine Melachot, or unprecedented trips to CERN in Geneva, to delve into the origins of the universe, and to Dubai, to explore the monumental Abraham Accords, tolerance and coexistence, the yeshiva’s schedule is filled with diverse shiurim and opportunities that engage, excite, and elevate.

Migdal empowers its talmidim to take advantage of opportunities to deliver their own shiurim, develop their own divrei Torah, write their own teshuva (responsa), and even complete their own Megillat Esther.

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