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"In-Shabbatot" occur approximately once every three weeks. The entire Yeshiva spends Shabbat together in Modi'in and are joined by one of the rabbeim from the Yeshiva along with their families. This allows for a more personal and unique form of discussion allowing students to form close connections with their rabbeim while in Yeshiva.


"Out-Shabbatot" are free Shabbatot where we encourage students to visit friends and relatives in Israel for Shabbat and to recharge their batteries. It is also an excellent opportunity to expose themselves to life in Israel. Of course students always have the option to stay in the Yeshiva should they so desire. We encourage them to join community members locally in Mod’iin for Shabbat meals and facilitate such opportunities on a regular basis. There are many local families who love hosting our guys.

Shabbat Ra"mim

​”Shabbat Ra"mim” are opportunities for students to visit the homes of the different rabbeim in smaller groups. These Shabbatot are a great opportunity to build lasting relationships, by experincing Shabbat together in their homes. Our rabbeim live in varying communities all around Israel - so it is a great opportunity to learn more about and experience the varying flavors of communities in Israel. 

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Shabbatonim are where the entire Yeshiva leaves Modi'in to experience Shabbat together in other cities throughout Israel. These allow for our students to explore the different communities throughout Israel together with their rabbeim.


Many of the Chagim are spent together as a Yeshiva allowing the students to enjoy the unique experience of Chag in Israel while joined by rabbeim who deliver special shiurim throughout the day.

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