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Israel is a modern state with an advanced transportation network. Navigating throughout the country has never been easier. Modi'in's central location and accessibility to public transportation enables our students to travel all throughout the country. 

From the Modi'in Central Station at the mall, students can board a bus or train to almost anywhere in Israel. The station is about a 10 minute walk from the Yeshiva and apartments. Busses to Jerusalem typically arrive every half hour and the ride takes about 45 minutes, while trains to Tel Aviv and points north typically arrive every hour. 

Much like the Oyster Card in London or the new OMNY card in NYC, Israel has a personalized "Smart-Card" called a Rav-Kav which is used as a transit debit card to pay for busses and trains throughout Israel. 

Mobile applications such as Moovit are extremely helpful in providing students with up-to-date transportation information so that they are able to plan their trips. 

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