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Rabbi Reuven Mann


Rabbi Reuven Mann received semicha from the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University and a Masters Degree from Bernard Revel Graduate School.

His entire professional career has been dedicated to the perpetuation of Judaism as both pulpit Rabbi and Jewish educator. He has taught Torah to every age level from elementary school students to advanced graduates. Over his 40 year career, he has served as a pulpit Rabbi in communities from New York to Arizona, and has been a guest lecturer and Scholar In Residence at many yeshivot, synagogues and universities across America and Israel. Additionally, Rabbi Mann was the co-founder of Yeshiva B’nei Torah and served there as Menahel and Maggid shiur. He is the author of Eternally Yours: God’s Greatest Gift To Mankind. At present he resides in Jerusalem and gives a weekly Tanach shiur at Migdal.

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