The Land of Israel

At Migdal, experiencing the Land of Israel is a central part of your year in Israel. The Yeshiva hopes to install a true love for Israel in every student. In addition to celebrating the modern day miracle of the State of Israel, special emphasis is placed on learning about the religious significance of the Land of Israel especially the Mitzvot HaTeluyot BaAretz. Additionally the Yeshiva often welcomes guest lecturers from the Knesset and IDF to address the students on a myriad of different topics ranging from general politics to personal stories from their service. 

Our tiyulim will take students across the length and width of Israel. From Eilat to Metulla, students will enjoy nature, hikes, beaches, as well as political, historical, and archaeological sites. Tiyulim provide a well-earned break from the rigors of the bet midrash, and a chance to recharge ourselves for continued growth in our learning.

Some of our trips will focus on experiencing halakha up close, such as trips to the tekhelet factory, shehita plants, matza bakeries, Machon HaMikdash and much more.

Other trips will find us having fun rappelling in the Golan’s Black Canyon, jeeping in Midbar Yehuda or rafting down the Jordan. We also take several hikes to enjoy the beauty of our land in venues as diverse as Masada (sunrise hike up the Snake Path) and various wadis throughout the country.

Israel faces challenges from around the world. BDS, anti-Zionism, college anti-Israel activities all create an atmosphere that is hostile to the Israel lover and advocate. We are committed to ensuring that our students have the knowledge, answers and skills to not feel threatened but face the challenge of the enemies amongst us. True advocates are never only the defensive. Israel advocates pro-actively stand up for Israel in their communities, on campus and in the halls of Congress. Migdal HaTorah aims to instil in its students the ability and drive to proactively advocate for Israel in many different areas.

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