7:45 - Shacharit/Breakfast

Parsha thoughts with Rabbi Ziring during Breakfast

9:00 - Pre-Iyun Shiurim

Topics include Rav Moshe Feinstein’s Responsa, Practical Halacha, The Big Questions, Hashkafat HaRishonim, and Q&A with the Roshei Yeshiva

10:00 - Seder Iyun

Preparation B'Chavruta followed by an advanced Iyun shiur given by either Rabbi Chait, Rabbi Ginsberg, and Rabbi Ziring

12:45 - Mincha

1:00 - Lunch and Break

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3:30 - Seder Bekiyut

Dual track Bekiyut program consisting of either an independent/b'chavruta study program, or a classical Bekiyut shiur given by one of the rabbeim.

5:30 - Diverse Shiurim

Assortment of shiurim and classses after Bekiyut. These include Intro to Maimondies, What is the Mesora, Survey of Tanach, Hebrew Ulpan and more. There is also a weekly guest lecturer.

6:45 - Dinner

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7:30 - Night Seder

Students are encouraged to explore topics that interest them. There are various optional shiurim given throughout the evening such as Fundamental Philosophy and Rational Midrashim. Occasionally there are workshops on career choices and other challenges facing young adults. Tuesday nights feature an emphasis on Israel Advocacy.

9:45 - Maariv

10:00 - Optional Late Night Learning

Students are welcome to learn in the Bet Midrash as long as they'd like. On Thursday nights the Yeshiva runs a late night Mishmar program with shiurim and Chulent.

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12 Nahal Paran (Lower Level), Modi'in, Israel | 740 Crestwood Place, West Hempstead, NY

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