During the first wave of the pandemic, Migdal stood apart from many peer institutions in deciding to remain open. With guidance from medical and science professionals, as well as support from our parent body, we were able to design a safe environment for our students throughout the first few months. We were even able to return to the Beit Midrash for the last part of the zman, ensuring the year ended on a very positive note. We even had some of our future Shana Bet students remain in the yeshiva for the entire summer. Don’t take our word though, you can read about it in this article published in the Jerusalem Post. 

Our experience in managing with the virus has created a unique advantage for our the 2020 -  2021 student body. Migdal’s smaller size and campus configuration, along with being located in Modi’in, has been a huge positive in continuing our success in dealing with the pandemic. We are able to keep our students in smaller groups due to our apartment layout. Modi’in has been continually one of the cities with the lowest infection rates in the country. Along with constant and consistent adherence by our students and faculty to the highest standards set by the Ministry of Health, Migdal has created an environment that is as safe and secure as possible given the current circumstances. 

  • Beit Midrash & apartments are stocked with hand sanitizing stations upon entry

  • Faculty wear masks, social distance and teach through specially designed barriers

  • Daily health and temperature checks

  • All trips approved by Ministry of Health

  • Partnering with EMA Care to provide on-site clinics to limit chances of infection

  • Designated “bidud/quarantine suite” in one of the apartments ready for use in the event a student requires quarantine

  • Constantly re-evaluating and updating our policies based on the developing situation and Ministry of Health guidelines

  • To date we have had ZERO confirmed positive coronavirus cases