Family Visits

It is always a highlight of the year when a student enjoys a visit from his parents and family during the year. Parents are always welcome to visit the Yeshiva and participate in shiurim and other programs.

Please let the office know of any planned visits as early as possible (at least two weeks in advance).

It is most advantageous for students if parents time their visit to occur during the Sukkot, Channuka or Pesach vacations. This way, they can maximize their time together. However, we appreciate that this may not be feasible for everyone and parents may deliberately choose to join the Yeshiva in session in order to participate in our program with their son.

Parents who visit while we are in session must understand that taking their son out of the Yeshiva for an extended visit interferes with his learning, the purpose of his being in

Israel. We therefore limit the time students spend away from the Yeshiva to 2 full days (aside from Friday-Shabbat).

Additionally, parents who wish to host their son's friends for a meal "in town" are asked to please do so only when the Yeshiva is not in session (Tuesday night, Friday morning, or after Shabbat). 

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