Passport/Visa Information

Trying to come to Israel without an up-to-date passport is a bad idea. Please make sure your passport (or visa, if pertinent) is up to date and valid through at least January 2019. If your passport is not valid through then, you will not be able to get a student visa, so please renew it immediately.

Waiting to renew until the extremely busy summer season may result in a delay at the US Passport Processing Center and an inability for you to get to Israel on time.


Click here for more information on how to apply or renew.

Student Visa:

If you live near an Israeli consulate, you can obtain a student visa in the United States.

Click here to locate the nearest consulate.


You will be required to bring certain documentation with you. Please click here for all of the information. You will need to look under A/2 Student Visa. Student's choosing this option must notify the office.


For those unable to obtain a visa in the US:

Upon arrival in Israel, students will be issued a 3 month tourist visa. Each student must then obtain a student visa while in Israel for the rest of the year. 


The Yeshiva can help expedite the process for students 18 and older. In order to process the visa application we require: Both parent's full name (including mother’s maiden name) in addition to dates and locations of birth. You must also bring two passport photos with you to include in the application. Those who will not be 18 upon arrival in Israel should notify the office as there are special requirements for underage students.

Please note: The standard student visa expires after12 or immediately upon leaving Israel. 


Students who will be leaving Israel during the year (for Pesach, or a educational trip to Poland) may need a special multiple entry student visa in place of the regular student visa. Please notify the Yeshiva if you plan on leaving Israel at any time during the academic year. The Yeshiva takes no responsibility for a student who leaves the country and needs to get a second student visa upon his return.

For Citizens of Israel: If you or either of your parents has Israeli citizenship, you must have an Israeli passport to enter Israel. Additionally, you must obtain a release from the IDF allowing you to be in Israel for the year without being drafted.

Please notify us immediately if this is the case.

Those with Israeli passports do not need to arrange for a visa of any kind.They will however be required to enter Israel on their Israeli passport.

Please note: Holders of Israeli passports should still make sure that their US or other passport is current so that they can return home at the end of the year without any problems. 

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