Safety and Security

The safety of our students is the number one concern at Migdal. To that affect, the Yeshiva employs several security precautions that provide our students with the highest level of security. All entrances to both the Bet Midrash, and the apartments are closed and locked at all times. 


Additionally, the Yeshiva maintains contact with the IDF and local police, who keep the Yeshiva informed of the security situation. While we normally allow students to use public transportation and to visit malls and other public places, travel limitations may be implemented if deemed necessary. We respect any restrictions that parents place upon their children that exceed the Yeshiva's limitations.

Furthermore, when students are in the dorm (except when asleep at night in the dorm) or outside of the Yeshiva, they MUST have their cellphone with them and it must be turned on, so that students can be contacted in case of an emergency. The Yeshiva utilizes WhatsApp and SMS text messages to contact and communicate with students at such times. We run regular security drills to ensure that students are familiar with emergency procedures. 

Students are mandated to follow the security advisement of the Yeshiva throughout their enrollment. Students are prohibited from hitchhiking. Students who are unsure about the safety of a given region or activity should consult a member of the administration. 

Students must register their Shabbat hosts in advance; the Yeshiva reserves the right to deny permission for a student to travel to an area deemed by us to be dangerous – we may also consult with the student’s parents as part of the decision making process.

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