Medical Information

Medical Forms:

It is essential that the Yeshiva have complete medical forms for each student so that we can act responsibly in the unlikely event of an emergency. Please make sure to include any medications or other issues that may be present. This information is held in the strictest confidence. 

Health Insurance:

The Yeshiva uses the HAREL insurance plan offered by Egert & Cohen for our students. All students must carry this medical insurance. A separate letter about medical insurance will be issued to you with all the details.


Egert & Cohen provide an English-speaking appointment line for students to schedule appointments with local Modi'in doctors.

A major benefit of the HAREL program is that we are authorized to take students to the local TEREM urgicare center without limit.

We will not hesitate to call Magen David Adom in cases of

emergencies.Students and parents are responsible to inform the yeshiva of any medical condition so that the yeshiva can prepare adequately for our students’ well-being.


Some of the Yeshiva's tiyulim may include "extreme sports" such as rappelling and mountain biking. Egert & Cohen provide additional coverage for such activities; the Yeshiva arranges for that coverage on those days.

Students are recommended to discuss their vacation plans with us so that we can determine if they need extra coverage for vacation. 

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